Empty - K.M Walton | Book Review

9:50 AM
Pages: 256 
Publication date: January 1st, 2013
Publisher: Simon Pulse
How I got the copy: Ebook from PulseIt.com
Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars


Dell is used to disappointment. Ever since her dad left, it’s been one let down after another. But no one—not even her best friend—gets all the pain she’s going through. So Dell hides behind self-deprecating jokes and forced smiles.

Then the one person she trusts betrays her. Dell is beyond devastated. Without anyone to turn to for comfort, her depression and self-loathing spin out of control. But just how far will she go to make all of the heartbreak and name-calling stop?

When I started reading this book I was on the fence about it. I wasn't big on the name calling Dell had on her dads girlfriend, even though I understand why she didn't like her. I thought it was just immature and unnecessary really. As the reader, I could already notice Dell didn't want her father to be dating Donna, the nickname Dell makes for her just seemed too much. 

Dell feels empty after he father leaves her and her pregnant mother and starts to eat the emptiness away, which causes her to gain weight and lose who she way. Dell becomes lost and blames her father for everything that is going wrong and why she's so over weight. 

However, I did like how this book focused on being bullied. People who are bullied may hide their feelings causing their bullies to continue even more. Even as a light hearted joke, I personally don't think making fun of someone because of their weight is funny. Jokes can be rude and do take a toll on people. 

This book is not only about being bullied, it's about friendships, and about rape. I think this is a great book too motivate people who need to speak up. Dell tries to speak up but always gets stuck and keeps quite. 

I enjoyed this book and the ending, I think it's a great book about being bullies and think anyone who likes books about being bullied to pick this up.


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