The Inventions of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick | Book Review

9:22 AM

Pages: 534 hardcover
Publication date: April 1st, 2007
Publisher: Scholastic
How I got the copy: Borrowed from library
Rating:  5 out of 5


Half sketches create a story in pictures too, relevant history. Real last-century French pioneer filmmaker Georges Méliès collected mechanical robot-like automata, and, impoverished, worked at a toy booth in a Paris railway station. Here, orphan Hugo fixes his late father's automata, and meets Méliès through his god-daughter Isabelle.


This book was gorgeous! This story is about an orphan, Hugo who lives inside a train station in France. Stealing his way in life because he has no money until the man, Georges Méliès who sells toys in a booth at the train station catches him stealing his toys. Which changes Hugo's life. The ways the characters spoke to each other was aggressive, I don't know if it's how French people actually speak because instead of asking someone to do something it was always a command to do it. Ex. "Can you get me the automata?", in the book, it was always, "Get me the automata".

Regardless, the story was beautiful and the illustrations that went with this story were perfect. 

The majority of this books is of illustrations that tell the story when it's not in written form. Such an interesting and unique way to put together such a moving story. 

This story is fictional, it does not actually tell the story of Georges Méliès, only of him being a filmmaker.

I would recommend this book to everyone, it's a quick read despite the 534 pages.



  1. I loved that book! I read it in fifth grade and everyone thought I was reading some sort of crazy thick novel, but it was mostly pictures so I ended up feeling like a kindergartener :P Anyway, I read another book by Brian Selznick that had a similar formatting and it was really good! ^^

    1. Right! Both books look crazy big and even though majority of the books are of pictures I thought the story was really good and the illustrations were so lovely! Are you currently reading anything at the moment??


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