Clean - Amy Reed | Book Review

11:02 AM
Pages: 272 hardback
Publication date: July 19th, 2011
Publisher: Simon Pulse
How I got the copy: Library 
Rating:  3 out of 5


You're probably wondering how I ended up here. I'm still wondering the same thing. 

Olivia, Kelly, Christopher, Jason, and Eva have one thing in common: They're addicts. Addicts who have hit rock bottom and been stuck together in rehab to face their problems, face sobriety, and face themselves. None of them wants to be there. None of them wants to confront the truths about their pasts. And they certainly don't want to share their darkest secrets and most desperate fears with a room of strangers. But they'll all have to deal with themselves and one another if they want to learn how to live. Because when you get that high, there's nowhere to go but down, down, down.


Hi. My name is Alexa. I'm from Canada and I'm addicted to books.

Olivia = OCD + addicted to prescription pills
Kelly = Cocaine + Alcohol
Christopher = Meth
Jason = Alcohol 
Eva = Painkillers

and they only have one thing in common... addiction.

These five characters are completely different from each other. They would never be seen together if it wasn't for being forced together by rehab. 

This book is a contemporary that revolves around addiction. The story is told from five young different perspectives, while in rehab for a month. I really enjoy reading books with realistic problems but I found this one to lack a little in character development. I couldn't connect completely with the characters and I feel like it was because while the stories bounced from different perspectives I felt like there wasn't enough back story or enough explanation on how the characters were feeling as a narrator either. 

If we go in order of Amy Reed's books published, this would be the second one and the one I read earlier this month, Crazy was her third. Her writing and story telling could have developed because I really enjoyed Crazy and it also bounced from different perspectives. I didn't have a problem with the characters.

While the story is set in a rehab facility (I've never been admitted to a rehab facility before so I could be wrong) I felt that the woman in charge of this group of kids, Shirley was really rude. I understand a person in that job description would need to be stern to listen but I felt she crossed the line and leaned more onto the rude side of handling situations.

Something that I really enjoy in books is when it switches between different dialogs. Clean, jumps from the regular dialog to script and some pages with words floating around which describes how they feel about situations they've been in. Like how do their addiction make them feel, how they feel about the situation that put them in rehab and etc.

I recommend this to people who enjoy contemporary books that cover drug abuse. I gave this 3/5 stars.


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