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12:21 PM

Hey Guys!

The #RYBSAT has come to an end and I did not get as much reading as I though I would. During the second half of the marathon I worked and then went away for the weekend, which I got only two pages of reading in. I'm not complaining though. I went swimming and had so much fun under the sun with my family, friends and boyfriend.

However, on my way up to my weekend away I was able to make a quick pitstop at the.. wait for it .. Book Outlet warehouse! It was on the way and I would be literally passing it. I picked up eight books and I'll have a haul up real soon.

But back to how I did on the #RYBSAT! I read basically like one book.. I read the second half of The Road and completed the book and the first half of The House of the Scorpion, which I'm still currently reading..

How did you do on the #RYBSAT?? Did you achieve the goals you set?

Thanks for reading! 

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