#RYBSAT | Update!

9:53 PM

Hey guys!

Well.. I thought I could be doing way better during this marathon but I'm not.. It's Thursday night right now and I've finished the book I was currently reading when this marathon started, The Road by Cormac McCarthy and I'm half way through my first book I told you guys I'd read, which is The House of the Scorpion. 

I should have a review up for The Road sometime real soon. I really enjoyed the book, which I'm not surprised because I love dystopian. I gave the book 5/5 just so you know and the rest you'll find out in my review!

This week I should have had more time to read, however I was called into work on a day I thought I would have off and this morning I was tied up with stuff I had to handle legally... Which also took time away from when I planned to read. But it's okay! I'm going to count The Road in this marathon even though it wasn't beside the book I wanted to start since it's been a book thats been on my shelf of a while now.

I have four more days to catch up on how I want to be doing and I think I can push through the next two book on the list quite quickly, which are Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and Dare Me by Meg Abbott. 

Let's see how much reading I get done in the next few days. I'll updated you guys in another couple of days.

Are you participating in this marathon? How many books have you read so far??

Thanks for reading :)

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