The House of the Scorpion - Nancy Farmer | Book Review

12:31 PM
Pages: 380 paperback
Publication date: May 2004
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
How I got the copy: Bought 
Rating:  4 out of 5


Matteo Alacran was not born; he was harvested with the DNA from El Patron, lord of a country called Opium. Can a boy who was bred to guarantee another’s survival find his own purpose in life? And can he ever be free?


This book is about a boy named Matt Alacran who is a clone. He is the clone of the Opium king, Matteo Alacran. Matt, struggles growing up because he wants to be a normal boy, he doesn't want to be a clone because clones are seen as animals. They are seen less than people and are supposed to be illegal. However, since the Opium King wants a normal living clone for his own reasons, he does so. No one is willing to tell the Opium King no or that he can't do what he wants. Matteo Alacran wants his clone out of selfishness.

This is a dystopian where Mexico is no longer Mexico but now called Opium run by Matteo Alacran. I've never read about Cloning before but I really enjoyed reading about this world. It was a story so different then what I'd normally read. 

This book is full of surprises and made up of a world so different than anything I've ever read. Throughout the book, the word eejit was thrown around as an insult before it was explained, eejits are basically servants in Opium. Eejits do everything humans want. They were planted with a microchip in their brain to only do what they are told. No eejit can stop working without someone telling them to stop or to tell them when to drink water. I would have never guessed the reason why clones are created in Opium, it was such a surprised!

Matt runs away to spare his life and discovers the way to San Luis is going to be harder than he expected. Poor Matt, his life has been so difficult since the beginning and doesn't stop being difficult even after he escapes Opium.It took me a while to finish this book but I think it was because it was so different than what I usually read and it took me a bit to process the world and how everything worked. 

I enjoyed this but it was a little bit repetitive at times. I'd recommend this to people who like dystopian.


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