The Road - Cormac McCarthy | Book Review

9:39 AM
Pages: 287 paperback
Publication date: April 7th 2009
Publisher: Vintage Books/Random House Inc.
How I got the copy: Bought 
Rating:  5 out of 5

Ask any literary critic--& most discerning readers--to name the greatest living American novelist, & Cormac McCarthy is sure to surface as a major contender. Best known for his powerful regional fiction (Sutree, the Border Trilogy, Blood Meridian et al), this dazzling prose stylist crafts tragic, unforgettable stories suffused with violence, alienation & an undeniably apocalyptic vision. Now, in what we consider McCarthy's best novel to date, the apocalypse itself becomes a set piece. Unfolding in a terrifying future where Armageddon has been waged & lost, The Roadtraces the odyssey of a father & his young son through a desolate landscape of devastation & danger. Powerful, moving, extraordinary by any standard, this is McCarthy at his gravest.

The Road. Where do I start? First off, I loved it. I thought this book to be a really great adult dystopian even though there were some actions that I do not agree with, which were heartless BUT I get it. People are starving and they'll do anything to survive at that point. Survival is key. The world is not the world we know today but people are still trying to survive and still have hope that somewhere else in the world is in better conditions.

This book is about a boy and his father trying to survive in a world covered in ash. The world has been destroyed, I don't know how... The book never covers that but I wish it did. It would be great to know how the world became the way it is. Like I would have REALLY REALLY would have loved to know how the world had been destroyed. I'm bummed it's never told. 

For some people, I get why they may think this book is slow. This dystopian is more about the survival of these two people and trying to get to the coast in hopes of a better place. Not really an action dystopian you find in YA.

I can't imagine living in a world like in this book. You feel the struggles and how alienated everyone left in the world has become. No one trusts each other and rather be left alone. People are eating other people because food the source has depleted. If you find someone along your path and they're weaker, everything is stolen from them in order to survive leaving people you don't know for dead. 

This is a very devastating story of how the world can become and how hard surviving can be in different types of weather and trying to fight in self-defence and trying to care for your family while weak from not eating in days.

This book is written with no chapters, it's just spaced out with paragraphs and doesn't use quotation marks when a character is speaking.

I would like to know what happened next. I'm always wanting more.


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