Dune Road - Jane Green | Book Review

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Pages: 352 paperback
Publication date: June 16th 2009
Publisher: Viking Adult
How I got the copy: Bought 
Rating:  3 out of 5


A sparkling new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Beach House

Jane Green's last novel, The Beach House, was an instant New York Times bestseller and captured her largest audience yet. From the sunny green lawns of Connecticut to the cafés of London to the sandy beaches of Nantucket, Green draws from her own life to craft each delicious story and the resulting tales resonate with women everywhere.

Dune Road is another fun and fearless adventure that will take Green's many fans from laughter to tears and back again. The novel is set in the beach community of a tony Connecticut town. Our heroine is a single mom who works for a famous-and famously reclusive-novelist. When she stumbles on a secret that the great man has kept hidden for years, she knows that there are plenty of women in town who would love to get their hands on it-including some who fancy the writer for themselves. Dune Road is the story of life in an exclusive beach town after the tourists have left for the summer and the eccentric (and moneyed) community sticks around. Dune Road will surely be the book to pack in beach bags next summer.


Last summer I read my first Jane Green book and it was The Beach House. I remember enjoying it much better than this one, especially the character's bond between everyone who was staying at the beach house.

Dune Road is about a woman, Kit who divorces her husband but then keeps longing for him. But in other ways, she doesn't want to go back to him but she feels safe with him. Along with her family issues, this book focuses on friendship and relationship.  Dune Road has some mystery to it but the author makes you wait until the end to discover this one mystery, which isn't even really part of the main plot. It was killing me not knowing the mystery aspect because it would have been explained by another character's point a view. But we're not told and I as the reader became irritated by not knowing when I could have known.

In this book, we get to know different character and narrators. They explain their past or continue on with the story, however it's Kit who this book is mainly supposed to be about.

I enjoyed Dune Road, however, it wasn't my favourite. I kept wanting to put the book down or get to the end already. There's a lot of pointless explanation during some scenes that made it feel like the author was just stretching the length of the book. Along with when the story would switch to a different characters life the reader wouldn't be told until the reader figures out it doesn't make sense. This confused me because no names would be told to trigger a character switch.. the story just carried on.

An issue I had close to the ending is a situation between the main character, Kit and one of her friends. Kit dismisses her friend of putting her in danger because her friend is upset of losing the person she loves, which isn't realistic. The main character brushes it off like her life wasn't in danger one bit.

I would recommend this to people that already enjoy Jane Green's books or authors like Jane Green that write about women literature.  


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