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Hi Friends,

At the beginning of each year not only do I, but everybody else starts looking at how to improve ones self and set goals to (fingers crossed) accomplish said goals by the end of the year. As a realist (and this being the third time I set reading goals for myself...), I know what I like and what I don't like and what's achievable and what isn't achievable for me in regards to reading.

Let's look back!


In 2013, the only reading goal I had was to read 50 books. I decided I wanted to make reading a priority and it was the first year I set a goal for the "Goodreads Reading Challenge", which can be found on the right side of your homepage (if you didn't already know). My favourite part of this reading challenge is that it let's you know when you're ahead, on track, or falling behind to achieve your reading goal. It's my favourite when I'm either ahead or on track and my worst nightmare when I'm falling behind.

It's really no big deal if you read 50 books (or whatever you've set your goal to be) but I'm a list maker and I like, no scratch that, I love to check off items on my list. Another thing I love is to compete and surpass high scores, which makes me very competitive (with myself) to achieve my set goal on Goodreads. During 2013, I was able to surpass my reading goal of 50 books and I read 63 books in total. I was so happy.


Next, 2014. I went nuts setting my goals, not only did I set myself to read 75 books but within those 75 books I wanted to read a number of set books too. Looking back now I see how unrealistic it was. In total I set 43 books, leaving only 32 book from the 75 books I wanted to read that year at random. 2014 was the year I learned that setting myself books to read within the year doesn't work for me. On the brighter side, I was able to read 78 books that year, which I saw as a successful reading year. Not completing my other goals didn't really matter.

Below you can see my official reading goals list:


Now, the most recent year that has past us, 2015. Last year I considered the stress I put on myself in 2014 by setting to many strict reading goals and challenges and decided to set goals and challenges where I could still pick books at random. I like to keep read during my spare time as enjoyable as possible, not another thing to "stress" about (first world problems, right?). I was able to read 75 books last year but just in time.
In pink is what I set for myself for the year and the book titles are the first titles that qualified. Here's what the list looked like:



For 2016, I decided to to set even less goals and challenges. The only set goals I would like to achieve for 2016 is to read (at least) 50 books, read (at least) 4 Canadian published books or books written by Canadian authors, to listen to podcasts or articles relating books and to just purchase less books.

This year I want to focus on reading the books I've already purchased before buying new books. I have 97 unread books and continue to buy more, it doesn't make sense. So, I want to either only buy 1 book per season or if I buy thrifted books to spend only $10-$15 per season.

How do your reading goals for 2016 look? Are you a person who likes to set a lot of goals or are you like me and want little to no restriction or guidance?

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