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 There are times when you really wish your best friend could be there. When you’re celebrating your birthday, when you break up with a boyfriend, when you lose your job, when you find out someone has been spreading gossip about you. Well, there really aren’t many times that wouldn’t be made better by having your BFF at your side.

So, I was really blessed when not one, but two of my best friends showed up while I was writing Lost Girls.

See, I hit one of my all-time lows while writing this book. I kept hitting the wall over and over again. My books kept getting rejected by publishers. I’d write and rewrite and rewrite a book, but the answer was always, no, thank you, but no. I came close. Lots of times. And I had already published two adult novels, Afterlife and Feast, with HarperVoyager. But since I switched to writing YA, which I love, I never seemed to conjure that magic combination of words that an editor couldn’t refuse.

I had Lost Girls about halfway written when the discouragement turned into full-blown depression. I didn’t want to finish this book. I didn’t want to write anymore. At all.

For some reason, I kept going to monthly meetings with my writing group. I’d just sit there and listen to the other writers, bit when it was my turn, I’d say, no, I haven’t written anything.

My best friend, Rachel Marks, author of Darkness Brutal, happens to be in that group. She wouldn’t let me quit. As much as I wanted to just curl up in a ball and stop, she kept telling me I had to finish this book. This. Book. Must. Be. Written.

She managed to convince me to keep on keeping on.

Then another one of my friends showed up. Right there in the pages of the book. Molly McFadden, the red-haired best friend of the main character, Rachel. It took me awhile to see it, but Molly was SO much like a girl who has been one of my best friends since third grade. We used to be friends when we lived in the Midwest, and then somehow, we both moved to Southern California and reconnected out here. Having her, right there, in the midst of that story made everything better. Molly was helping Rachel figure out what had happened to her when she went missing. At the same time, she was helping me realize how important good friends truly are.

They help you through the rough times and they don't let you give up. There's a reason why they're called 'best' friends. I think it's because they bring out the best in you.

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Book Title: Lost Girls
Author: Merrie Destefano
Release Date: 1/3/17
Genre: YA contemporary, YA psychological thriller, YA dark contemporary

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Born in the Midwest, magazine editor Merrie Destefano currently lives in Southern California with her husband, two German shepherds, a Siamese cat, and the occasional wandering possum. Her favorite hobbies are reading speculative fiction and watching old Star Trek episodes, and her incurable addiction is writing. She loves to camp in the mountains, walk on the beach, watch old movies, and listen to alternative music—although rarely all at the same time.

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