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I don't have anything planned today and am a bit crunched for time so I'm going to take the little bit of time I have to update you on my career search and adulthood life situation before the end of the year. This post may be a bit more clearer if yo have read my previous (first) post in this series and if you missed it and if you're interested in reading it, I'll redirect you here first.

As you might have known I was working somewhere I didn't see any growth in the near future and I was ready for that next step. Before I accepted that position I was working I was at a different company doing the similar job description but my the previous company was more reputable within the industry just by the company name and there are so many opportunities within the company if you have the right connections. I had connections to move forward in my career but since I was still fairly new the the position, I wasn't seen "fit" for the position I wanted and my supervisor didn't want to put a name on my reference (may I add, since I worked within the company I was unable to go any further until my supervisor or boss refer me to another position and I was unable to apply for the position at all).

You might be able to see my frustration and why continuing my current position was extremely difficult for me. I knew I was capable of more but my "new" co-workers didn't want to see it. I saw this more as laziness, management wanted to keep me in my current position because it meant they wouldn't need to go through finding my replacement right before the beginning of the holiday season. With this already in the back of my mind, not only I but another co-worker at the same level as me, I started to notice the unfair shift of respect and work load falling onto my (our) laps.

I felt stuck and mentally exhausted. I was very excited for that position prior to started it and for the first few months until I started to feel differently. How could I stay in a position for an X amount of time when I could barely do anything other than wake up to go to work and push through the day. By the time I would get back home I would want to watch mind numbing TV shows or movies before going to sleep. I didn't pick up a book for weeks, and when I did I would read a page or two before feeling exhausted doing it (I don't believe I have to say this but I love reading and usually tend to read during any spare time I have).

I had many conversations with my supervisor and my boss on different occasions. None leading to any helpful guidance or a development plan that wouldn't take a vast amount of time to reach where I wanted to be. After my second meeting with my boss and third meeting with my supervisor, I knew what I had to do. Yes, it was a great opportunity but if I hated waking up in the mornings 5/7 days a week, that position wasn't for me anymore. I started seriously looking for new prospects and for a while nothing was turning up. Either nothing I was interested in, qualified for or in the industry I was looking for and when I did I went to interviews.

After a couple weeks, I got a call back and had succeeded with an interview with a company, I was over the top excited for, for a position within the department I was after at my previous job. I'm learning new skills, learning more about the industry and will now have this experience with me forever.

It's tough deciding if staying at your current job and sticking through to see if management will see what you're capable of is the right decision or leaving entirely and starting over with another company. This decision if different for everyone. I know people who stay in jobs they have because they don't want it to look bad on their resume but that's not how I live my life. I like to put myself first. Everything will fall into place eventually, right? I don't want to live my life hating have to wake up 5/7 days a week. Like Drake said, "YOLO".

Anyways, more about my new position next time. I want to marinate in it before talking about it. It's only for a set amount of time so maybe when my contract is over.

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