Lost Girl - Merrie Destefano | Book Review

Pages: 360
Format: eBook
Publication: Entangled Teen

How I got the copy: Netgalley
Rating: 5/5 


Yesterday, Rachel went to sleep listening to Taylor Swift, curled up in her grammy’s quilt, worrying about geometry. Today, she woke up in a ditch, bloodied, bruised, and missing a year of her life. 

She doesn’t recognize the person she’s become: she’s popular. She wears nothing but black. 

Black to cover the blood. 

And she can fight. 

Tell no one.

She’s not the only girl to go missing within the last year…but she’s the only girl to come back. She desperately wants to unravel what happened to her, to try and recover the rest of the Lost Girls. 

But the more she discovers, the more her memories return. And as much as her new life scares her, it calls to her. Seductively. The good girl gone bad, sex, drugs, and raves, and something darker…something she still craves—the rush of the fight, the thrill of the win—something she can’t resist, that might still get her killed…

The only rule is: There are no rules.

Lost Girls was such a surprise! I have no idea why I always think unknown books will be terrible. I know this is a terrible thought but it's probably because I don't have anyone else's opinion to back the book up (and because I don't want to waste my time reading a book I don't like, I'm always skeptical). From reading the synopsis, it sounded great. It has potential to be action-packed, thrilling and mysterious and it's all those things. 

Lost Girls is pitched as the female version of Fight Club mixed with Black Swan, or something along those lines, but I would say it's more of a YA version of Fight Club and I didn't really care for the ballet. There are many female and male groups that are apart of this worlds "Fight club" scene, even though we are following Rachel. I feel the reader gets enough information to include the boys within the pitch.

The book starts with throwing the reader straight into the story. There's no easing into what's going on, we wake up with Rachel freezing in a ditch on the side of the road and this hooked me right away. Getting into the book was easy for me and I was sucked into the story, but I had lots of questions about some things like how are these kids spending so much money (these character has large tattoos, have their own car, go to raves, have money for drugs, etc. and they're all juniors in high school)? We don't get any information about their parents giving them money or anyone working a part-time job but it all starts to make sense the closer to the end of the book we get. I love reading about rebels.

I found this book very unique. I haven't read any YA in this genre that's captivated and interested me from the very beginning as much as this book did. I enjoyed all the twists and turns and I couldn't wait to find out how the story would end! 

Lost Girls is about friendship, family and trust. 


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