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Short Book Signing Recap & Advance Screening Recap

On Thursday, May 4, 2017 rain pounded the streets of Toronto. Myself and many others urged on, to the Nicola Yoon Book signing, but had difficulties getting around Toronto and Indigo and it was not only because of the pouring rain.

I, personally, had planned a couple of days before the event that I would leave work an hour early in order to get to the event at 5PM. The book signing was planned to start at 5:30PM and even though I knew I'd get there later than others and have to stand in a long ridiculous line, I still wanted to go and get a signed copy of Everything Everything and meet Nicola Yoon. Obviously because of the rain, the journey to the Eaton Centre Indigo was longer than usual but I'm not going to dwell. So, when I finally made it to Indigo, sweaty and out of breath, my fear of the ridiculous long line came to life. I didn't stay in line for long until I concluded that I would not get anywhere near the front of the line before the advance screening would start at 7PM. I cut my losses and stepped out of line.

What I was most confusing about the book signing was that group ticket numbers were given out during the earlier part of the day, which meant ticket holders had the front of the line and I'm assuming everyone else had to line up behind them. I can't say that's correct because tickets weren't even included in the rules of event on the Indigo site. If I knew in advance, I probably wouldn't have even tried to make the event. I found out about group tickets on Twitter around midday and decided to try my luck since I already had my route to Indigo set up.

At Cineplex getting into the theatre was easier than the last advance movie screening. I had no issues and went on to buying popcorn. Before being able to get to the auditorium about four men were stationed for bag check and one also had a handheld metal detector. I'm not going to complain about security, for whatever reason there was and I prefer to be safe than sorry. Haven't you heard of those crazy people going into movie theatres and ambushing innocent movie watchers? Anyways, I was only bag checked and was able to continued on. There were so many people in the tiny auditorium but it was tolerable. There was a place to take pictures and Nicola Yoon and Stella Meghie made a short appearance before the movie started.

Overall, I really enjoyed my advanced screening experience. I was (and still am) thrilled that I was able to watch the film before it's release. The book signing was congested and confusing but I didn't stay for too long so I have nothing more to say other than more organization from everyone who planned the event next time. Obviously, I would have loved to get a signed copy of Everything Everything and to meet Nicola Yoon but that didn't happen.

Film Review

Read the book or don't read the book before watching the movie. Either way, they are both separate entities and stand on their own. The movie adaptation holds on to the main topics and main points of the book plot but also includes many different situations and character outcomes. Before the film started Stella said that they kept true to the book and as much I agree, I also disagree. For example, I would have loved to see Maddy and Carla's relationship in the film but with the film changes it wasn't possible. I think Maddy and Carla's relationship is just as important as Maddy and Olly's relationship. Carla was Maddy's only friend (in the book) before Olly came along, she's is so important.

My suggestions? I'd recommend reading the book, if it's been on your reading list, before watching the film. Maddy and Olly are the same characters but, to me, are different between the book and the film. I enjoyed the film as an inspiration of the book but I appreciated the characters so much more from the book. I felt that the book, obviously, contains so much more character personality and development and from reading the book I felt the characters lacking a bit in the film.

An aspect of the film that I really enjoyed was the astronaut. In the movie the astronaut became a character and brought so much humour to the film and, at times, represented how Maddy felt perfectly.

The film is sweet and it's adorable. I recommend going to watch Everything Everything. It's released on May 19, 2017 at a theatre near you. 

Below I have included a short Q&A video with Nicola Yoon and Stella Meghie before the film started. The audio isn't the best but I've included it for anyone who is interested in listening.

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