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4:07 PM

The New Year always pushes people to do more and to do better and, since the start of this new year, (2017) I started thinking about my blog goals and what I want to do and achieve by the end of this year. I've been thinking about coming up with series ideas and that steamed from wanting to include more content on my blog, rather than only the standard content. I've decided that this month is the month I'll be starting a new series of Spotlights! Spotlights will be focusing on one book or an author and each book or author featured for a spotlight will be for different reasons and, for the most part, will be stated in the title.

I don't want to reveal what type of books or which authors will be showcased but I want to feature books, spotlight the author, publisher, book trailer, reviews and any news worthy information to go along with the Spotlight. I wanted to gather as much information and also incorporate information that isn't usually found in the same places together.

I'm sure with time I'll add more or change what is included and how the post is format from trial and error and from feedback. I want to use this year to play around and have fun with my blog. I tend to take things too seriously because I want everything to be perfect but, like I said, I want to try new things with my blog and see what I can do.

The first featured Spotlight will be live later this week!

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