Doing It!: Let's Talk About Sex - Hannah Witton | Book Review

Book Details:

Pages: 326
Format: ARC Paperback
Publication: Wren & Rook

Release Date: April 6, 2017
How I got the copy: Work
Rating: 2/5 


Figuring out how to build and maintain healthy relationships - with your family, friends, romantically and with yourself - is a crucial part of being a teen. It's not easy though, particularly in a digital age where information and advice are so forthcoming it can be hard to know who or what to believe or trust. Porn is everywhere, sexting is the norm and messages about body image are highly mixed. Hannah combats this by tackling subjects ranging from masturbation and puberty to slut shaming and consent in an accessible, relatable and extremely honest way. She is unembarrassed about bringing little-discussed topics into the open, and as such empowers teens to have the confidence to conduct relationships on their terms, and in a way that they feel comfortable with. 


This book is a great place to start if you're looking to learn and understand what a healthy relationship is, about sexuality, gender and general sex education. Obviously, this is recommend to Hannah Witton fans and if you watch Witton's YouTube videos on sex and relationship education, I'd say you're the perfect audience for this book.

This book is written in simple language and does a great job at explaining the basics of all things sex related. It also covers sexuality, gender, consent, self-love, sexual transmitted diseases, contraceptives and much more.

As an older reader (and I'm not that old... early twenties) I'm already aware of most topics discussed in this book and became bored at times since I've already educated myself (with at least the basics on some topics and more educated on other topics) I also found this book a little bit repetitive. I would have enjoyed if Witton had dived deeper into the topics she covered or would have connected more topics with her own personal experiences. As a entertainer and personality from YouTuber I would have thought Witton would've included more personal information. I understand her personal life isn't the base of this book but it's obviously why this book is on many people's radar.

My favourite part of this book would probably be the diagrams of the male and female body. I don't think people know enough about what we all have and don't have internally and these diagrams are perfect as a basic understanding to the human reproductive systems.

Witton's message throughout the entire book is along the lines of we're all different but it's normal, you are normal! I love this message. We're in 2017 and I believe topics in this book should be discussed more and publicly. I could also feel Witton's humour dripping from the pages throughout the entire book, which is great because the topics covered can be dense and some what dry and having her humour will help readers stay engaged.

I think it's great that Witton is using her platform and the opportunities from being on those platforms for education. She could have easily added her book to the endless list of memoirs written by YouTubers at the age of 20-something but instead Witton has used her opportunity to write a book about sex and relationship education.

This book does not have to be read in order or all at once. Witton advises reader to read her book as they please. If there's a topic at the end or middle that's more interesting to the reader to skip ahead and come back to the beginning later.

I enjoy Witton's YouTube channel (mostly, for her vlogs, videos on books, Drunk Advice and chatty videos), which is the reason I picked this book up. However, thinking about it now I don't think I ever sway toward her sex education videos... So, it's funny I thought this book would be good for me. Again, I thought I'd read more about her relations to the topics she spoke about.

Regardless, how I personally felt about this, I still think this book is great for young readers (or just readers) to use to education themselves about sex, body and body positivity and more. The more educated everyone else is about these topics the better the world will be! So, I think this is a great book to start with,

This book leans towards the British resident as all the statistics and resources included are based in the UK, which makes sense since Witton is from the UK but a bit irrelevant to readers living outside of the UK.


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