The End of an Era

2:23 PM

I have so much more to talk about than just what I've been reading and since the middle of the year I've been really exploring different avenues and trying to figure out what I'm truly passionate about and my future.

In saying that I will not be ending my journey with this blog but I will be changing up what you ultimately see day to day. I'll continue to review books but I'm including different posts too. I enjoy writing and want to talk about books through this avenue that won't be featured in a video on YouTube.

I also created a personal blog because, like I said, I enjoy expressing myself through writing and having a blog to put all my thoughts and creativity in one place online helps me word vomit more and get those thoughts out of my head and out in the open. Can you relate to that? Sometimes I just need to write or talk (YouTube) about something to free it from it becoming an internal battle. And having a place online to express myself allows me to connect with people who have different points of view and it can create such a great discussion.

Trying new things and also expressing myself in different avenues has eaten at some of my time I had for reading at the moment like YouTube, writing on my lifestyle blog, practicing yoga, and exploring. So, I haven't been reading very much lately and that'll reduce the number of reviews I'll have to post. It's sort perfect though because I've been wanting to transition this blog to include more than only reviews but I just kept doing what I've always done here.

I really want to make this blog more personal with related content. We'll just have to see where this goes but where ever it does go, I'm excited about it. If you're not already staying connected I have all my book-related social media in the sidebar and here's my personal Twitter and Instagram. Follow me for book-related content and lifestyle content, I have separate Twitter and Instagram accounts and a combined YouTube channel.

Let's talk in the comments below or on social media!.

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