Happy New Year!

7:58 PM

It's a new year and every single year we all clean our slates for a new start and reset our goals. Since I left on my trip before the end of the year and returned after the new year it's left me a bit behind. I didn't plan to be without internet access for most of my trip, which happened so I still haven't looked at my 2017 bookish goals or started thinking about my 2018 bookish goals until now. Instead of dwelling on the fact I was disconnected for most of my trip, I decided to use my time without social media as a cleansing and to be present during my travels. I wanted to experience everything without much distraction and plan to write about my travel experience soon.

Here we are, for the most part, I'm planning on keeping my bookish goals about the same to last year but possibly with more solid goals now. Last year, I wanted more flexibility and I successfully read more than the previous year but I ended up reviewing less but I also improved my blog and been more active on social media. I definitely balanced things much better in 2017 than previous years, which I needed in order to set myself for creating more content on this platform and on YouTube this year. I plan on either creating a completely separate blog post or YouTube video expanding on my 2018 goals.

2017 was a good year for me. I did a lot of things I wanted, improved my blog, tried new things, and met good people along the way. I'm hoping 2018 will treat me even better. I want to continue my journey of self-discovery and living my best authentic life, which makes me so much happier. I'm going to document my journey on YouTube and on, both, my personal Twitter and bookish Twitter. I want to start sharing how I view things, help spotlight vegan spots, and foods, documenting my travels, sharing books and connecting with like-minded people.

2018 is the year of more yeses, more laughs, more happiness, more adventure...

and of course, more books.

Happy New Year!

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