Reflecting on 2017 Goals

4:42 PM

I kept my bookish goals for 2017 really simple. I didn’t want to stress about reading a number of books, instead I wanted to focus on enjoying the books I did read. I gave myself three solid reading goals last year and they are, read 75 books, read 6 Canadian authors and read more books I want to read. Let me elaborate:

1.     Read 75 books
I knew I could read 50 books and wanted to challenge myself an extra 25 books. I thought if I’m reading more books I’m enjoying, I’d definetly consume more books organically. I ended up reading 90 books in 2017. That’s insane. I was the type of person who thought reading 100 books a year could only be done by a reading robot but look at me now; I’m (almost) one of them. I started listening to audiobooks but I didn’t listen to that many audiobooks to use as an excuse on how I read so many books. So, I’m very proud about my reading number.

2.     Read 6 Canadian authors
I’m Canadian and for the last few years I’ve wanted to shine light on Canadian novels and authors. With each year, I find myself more aware on who the author is and where they’re from when picking up books. I want to create conversations and hold great Canadian literature on this platform up to break the stigma that I hear about Canadian books not being so great. I ended up reading six Canadian novels on the dot, some being graphic novels but it all counts.

3.     Read more books I want to read
What I mean by this is read more books I find on my own or find interesting on my own, instead of reading books that are only buzzed around the bookish community. What I meant when setting this goal was read more of the books I own but I did the opposite this year. I read more new releases instead, which thinking about it now doesn’t really bother me but when setting last year’s goals it did. I still want to read more backlist titles but I’m open to whatever I pick up next.


I wanted to write and post more than only book reviews and gave myself two blogging goals; write more content in addition to book reviews and write more book reviews.

1.     Write more content in addition to book reviews
I kept this in mind throughout the year but I didn’t consistently write more than only book reviews. I don’t feel I created the most original content in addition to my book reviews either but there are a few posts I’m happy about and I want to continue to create those. I feel this year will be the year I focus on more than only book reviews though. I have the feel of exploring different creative avenues and I’m in a better place to create amazing content this year.

2.     Write more reviews
I think I fell a few reviews short in achieving this goal but I believe I wrote better reviews than the previous year, which I’m counting as a win.


Lastly, I also wanted to find my place on YouTube. I don’t think I’ve completely found where I belong on YouTube yet but, for now, I’m okay where I am on the platform. I only started creating content that I’m happy about and I don’t want to stress anymore about YouTube, I want to create and will continue to.

That’s everything. I think 2017 was a successful bookish year. Leaving myself the room to discover what felt right at the moment allowed me to create more naturally instead of forcing myself to create content I wasn’t fully invested in.

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