Silence: In the Age of Noise - Erling Kagge | ARC Review

Pages: 160
Publication: Pantheon Books
How I got the copy: Penguin Random House Canada
Rating: 3/5
This was an interesting read; I decided to read this book because it focuses on mindfulness and meditation. I’m currently really interested in learning about these two topics and this was a good book to get a feel of how one person interprets being mindful and inner peace.

Silence is the account of experiences from Erling Kagge, a Norwegian explorer, about what is silence, how to achieve inner silence and how to connect to our being no matter where we are.

I wouldn’t categorize this as a self-help or how-to guide of any sort but reading his accounts on how he’s traveled to various parts of the world, high and low, to the quietest parts of the world and how he still achieves the same silence in his everyday life. It’s fascinating how the author drives in how noise is negatively affecting us and how we’re addicted to technology but mainly our phones.

In the book, Erling Kagge states how there was a study done on how birds lifespans have shortened with the more noise being made. Imagine how we’re personally affected by that same noise and possibly how we can reduce some of that unnecessary noise in our lives to positively impact our lives and ourselves.

Also, I'm sure the photos included in this book are in full colour and are beautiful! I got to look at them in greyscale, boo.

As interesting as I found this book, I felt I started to lose some interest in the middle. It’s a book to read if you’re curious about someone else’s journey to mindfulness and meditation. It’s a short book, making it a great size to get a taste of what mindfulness, meditation and silence means.

*A copy of this book was provided to me by Penguin Random House Canada in exchange for an honest review*


  1. I'm personally really uninterested in non-fiction, but your photo for this book is gorgeous! <3 I'm actually fine with some photos in books being in greyscale, but yes, they would be so much richer in color! So sorry you didn't love it entirely, but awesome review!

    - Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    1. I wasn't really interested in self-help before but as of a few months ago I've been really interested in it. Thank you, Aimee!


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