Let's Talk About Love - Claire Kann | ARC Review

Pages: 304
Publication: Swoon Reads
Release date: January 23, 2018
How I got a copy: Raincoast Books
Rating: 3/5

Let's Talks About Love jumps right into the nitty-gritty. We're thrown into the story right when the main character, Alice, is being broken up with and it's all because of sex. Alice is a bi-asexual and her, now, former partner couldn't understand her asexuality. Alice vows she's done with dating even though she loves all things romantic and cute but her vow to not date takes a turn, very quickly, when her new co-worker, Takumi, walks into the library and peaks her interest in a completely different way she's ever felt before, which makes her question her sexuality.

The story is set in college, which I always appreciate, it's a nice change of pace when reading a lot of YA and Alice works in a public library, how can any book lover not enjoy the setting of a library throughout a book? Another thing I enjoyed about this book was Alice's relationship with her therapist. Therapists are usually seen in a negative light in YA books so having a positive spine to therapy can only help the stigma that therapy is seen as shameful (because it's not).

Let's Talk About Love is a buzzed-about book and I understand why. It's bringing awareness and understanding to asexuality and it's a start to the conversation about love. Along with bringing awareness, Let's Talk About Love is also quite funny and I love a book that can make me laugh out loud.

"She made you want to pick her up, put her in your pocket, and run because abduction is illegal."(page 23)

But I also have some issues with the book, I found the new love interest to be too easy and too perfect, there really wasn't much conflict between the two of them, which just seems unrealistic in any relationship. There were also many times when Alice would recall a moment of importance or excitement that happened between her and another character and we'd only hear her thinking about it. I really wanted more plot details, for example, Takumi had a lip piercing when he was younger but when Alice is flipping through his photos (he takes a lot of photos) and not once did she see that lip piercing while flipping through his photo albums. 

Lastly, I wanted Alice to stand up for herself more. She grows throughout the book but there are issues that didn't get enough resolution. Like the fact that she was assaulted at a party her best friends pushed her to attend but disappeared with her boyfriend not too long after they arrive at the party. It's apparent Alice's best friends who are dating ditch her to be alone more often than not.

Alice is an enjoyable character and I enjoyed reading Let's Talks About Love but I was left wanting more. Let's Talk About Love, is a quick read with important messages including topics of sexuality, family issues, racial issues, and sexual assault (minor). 

*A copy of this book was provided to me by Raincoast Books in exchange for an honest review*

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