Three February readathons to join!

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This week has gone by in a blur for me. I had no time to film my readathon TBR at the quality that I prefer to create my videos. I could definitely film something quickly in the terrible lighting right now and with me looking a mess but I know I'll regret that.

I'm planning on either filming Instagram stories and tweeting about the readathons or vlogging my experience trying to participate in all three readathons! They all overlap, which is a good and a bad thing. The good is if these readathons didn't overlap I wouldn't be participating in all three and the bad is that it's going to be an insane and (most likely) a stressful experience.

I posted my first On The Nightstand video, which is a series I created that chronicles what I'm currently reading and what I plan on reading in the next few weeks and adding all these readathons just created an enormous pile of books I want to read in the next few weeks.

Let's talk about the readathons:

InLoveAThon (February 9-15)

The InLoveAThon is a readathon focusing on Valentine's day! You're going to read a lot of romance novels during this week and have so many challenges to choose from.

This readathon was created by Cristina from CristinasJourney and hosted by these lovely ladies, Cristina from CristinaJourney, Ali from Hardback Hoarder, Vanessa from Paper Faerie, Jordyn from Jordyn, discombobulated, Melissa from The Bookish Babbler, and Hannah from The Book Dragon.

What are the challenges?

- Read a book from your favourite romance author.
- Read a book that has your favourite romantic trope.
- Read a book with a prince/princess.
- Read an original fairytale and watch the Disney movie or a film adaptation.
- Read a book while reading some Valentine treats.
- Read a book that takes place in a location where you would love to spend Valentine's Day.
- Read a book with pink or red on the cover.
- Read an LGBTQ+ love story.
- Read a classic love story.
- Read one of the hosts favourite Contemporary/Historical Romance books.

More information on the InLoveAThon here.

ContemporaryAThon (February 12-18)

Again, this readathon is all about romance (one of my favourite genres) just in time for Valentine's Days. The ContemporaryAThon was created by Chelsea from Chelseadolling reads and hosted by Chelsea from Chelseadolling reads, Julie from Pages and Pens and Natasha from myreadingisodd. This readathon will be hosting a drunk live show that will be hosted on February 17 at 6pm PST/9pm EST on Julie's channel.

What are the challenges?

- Read the most recent contemporary that you purchased/acquired.
- Read a contemporary book with pink on the cover.
- Read a hyped contemporary book.
- Read a diverse contemporary book.
- Read a dark/taboo contemporary.
- Read a contemporary(ish) graphic novel.
- Read a contemporary book that has been recommended to you.

More information on the ContemporaryAThon here.

ThrillerAThon (February 17th-24th)

Now moving away from romance this readathon is (obviously) all about thrillers! It's created and hosted by Harriet Rosie.

What are the challenges?

- Read the thriller you're most anticipating.
- Read the thriller that's been on your TBR the longest.
- Read the thriller you most recently added to your TBR.
- Read the thriller with the best cover.
- Revisit a thriller book or author.

More information on the ThrillerAThon here.

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter where I'll be posting what I plan on reading during all these readathons. I'm still undecided about vlogging during those two weeks but if I do I'll be posting weekly vlogs on YouTube. I'm going to be very chill about the whole thing and not stress about anything. I read what I read, no pressure.

Let me know if you'll be participating in any of these readathons and what you'll be reading.

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