Shrewed - Elizabeth Renzetti | ARC Review

Pages: 304
Publication: House of Anansi Press
Release date: March 6, 2018
How I got the copy: House of Anansi Press
Rating: 4/5

Shrewed is a wonderful and powerful collection of essays about women that examines questions like "why are there so few women in politics?" and "why is public space, whether it's the street or social media, still so inhospitable to women?" written by journalist Elizabeth Renzetti.

I found this collection of essays to be insightful, empowering, funny and informational and it's Canadian focused, which is rarely the case, and also why I feel I enjoyed it so much. Within Shrewed you'll also find great recommendations on other feminist content like articles and books.

One of the essays that really stood out to me is "The Way of the Harasser",  it's so strong and so relatable. It focuses on women being harassed and it really shines the light on it doesn't matter what a woman is wearing or what she looks like because there's always men that feel it's acceptable to approach or catcall women about how they look and if we don't engage we're sometimes verbally assaulted for being rude. It also covers being a woman with a voice on social media vs a man with a voice on social media and so much more.

Within this essay, it mentions a video called "Ten Hours of Waking as a woman in New York City" released in 2015, which I had never watched or heard of before but it's so relatable and I feel more people should know about it.

Once I finished watching "Ten Hours of Walking as a Women in New York City" I watched a couple related videos and landed on "Dad Reacts Daughter Being Catcalled" and "Sons React To Their Mothers Getting Catcalled". In "Sons React to Their Mothers Getting Catcalled" one of the mothers mentions how as women walking alone we're seen as unguarded and that video was filmed in 2015! A little bit scary and awful to think about but true. Another one of the mothers mentions why there are times she doesn't dress up when she would want to because she doesn't feel like being stopped multiple times for her number, etc.

Shrewed is a great book to pick up and I definitely recommend it especially if you're interested in reading a feminist book that's Canadian focus or even just interested in reading a feminist book period.

*A copy of this book was provided to me by House of Anansi Press in exchange for an honest review*

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