Then She Was Gone - Lisa Jewell | ARC Review & Blog Tour

Pages: 368
Publication: Atria Books
Release date: April 24, 2018
How I got the copy: Simon & Schuster Canada
Rating: 5/5

What an amazing book! I was immediately sucked into this story right from the beginning! There's something about the way Lisa Jewell writes novels that I really appreciate. From what I've read so far, I've noticed Jewell knows how to craft a slow-burning, mystery and suspense novel with loads of details, which leaves me gripped to her books enjoying the character's developments, plot and ultimate sense of mystery and suspense.

Then She Was Gone is a multi-perspective novel that follows the disappearance of fifteen-year-old, Ellie Mack. She's described as being the perfect child, with the perfect family and boyfriend and for the most part, we read from her mother's perspective, Laurel Mack, and the aftermath of Ellie's disappearance. 

What I really love about this book is the fact that it's in multiple perspectives and that we read from the character's selected, which I don't want to say because I believe it adds to the element of mystery to the story and the ultimate question of "What happened to Ellie?".

Before getting to the middle of the book I had a great sense of going in circles trying to figure out in what direction the story would go in and it felt like the more the story unraveled, the more questions I seemed to have and wanted to get answers to! Ultimately, I loved every twist and turn this book threw at me. I loved the way this is written and the fact that we bounce from present to past to connect the dots.

By just reading the synopsis and throughout reading the book I believe it could be easy to get the sense of what will generally happen or be the outcome but I truly enjoyed and loved the story and I believe so many other readers will really enjoy this book too. It's such a wild read and it kept me wondering about all the different ways the story could end. I'd say people who are fascinated by true crime will really enjoy this. It takes a look at all these characters who are affected by Ellie's disappearance in different ways and how they've coped. I was on literally on the edge of my seat while reading the last few chapters AND THAT ENDING THOUGH! My eyes were watery by the end of the it! It's so messed up yet beautiful at the same time.

*A copy of this book was provided to me by Simon & Schuster Canada in exchange for an honest review*


Another book Lisa Jewell has written that I also love is I Found You. It's focuses on three characters that range from a young bride, to a lonely single mother, and an amnesiac man who doesn't remember who he is. Set in a British seaside town and also told in multiple perspectives and I'm pretty sure also jumps from present to past. I Found You is a type of book that throws you into the story with not much explaining and works backwards, forwards and sideways to unravel its mysterious self. I Found You is as suspenseful and full of secrets as Then She Was Gone. Both these novels are truly A+ reads.


  1. Such a fantastic book. I will have to try I Found You as well. It sounds just as amazing. :)

    1. It is! It has a different vibe to Then She Was Gone but still really great.


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