Do This For Me - Eliza Kennedy | Book Review

10:56 AM

Pages: 304
Publication: Crown Publishing Group
Release date: May 15, 2018
How I got the copy: Penguin Random House Canada
Rating: 4/5

I found this book very enjoyable. It's by the author of I Take You, which didn't get the greatest rating but I personally found fun, humourous, and also very enjoyable. Do This For Me is similar in the ways that both books have strong main characters, they're enjoyable to read and I found myself rooting for Raney to discover who she is other than an attorney and a mother. Raney faces a difficult decision when she discovers her, college sweetheart, husband has cheated. While discovering herself in order to figure out what to do next, she also realizes she might not be as happy as she thought she was in her relationship. There were times when I wanted to yell at the decisions Raney made and others when I was rooting for her.

Like I mentioned, Raney is a successful attorney, she lives in a beautiful house with her family but has never been interested in fashion or beauty. However, once she discovers her husband has cheated she goes through a journey of self-discovery by diving head first in fashion, beauty and sex. Mostly for herself but also to help guys want to have sex with her. Since she's only had sex with her husband before she's out of her element and doesn't realize it's quite simple to engage sex with a guys.

Relationships are difficult and complicated, which is why I love reading about them. I love reading about what someone can go through, has gone through, and how they've overcome those issues. I find it fascinating.

Knowing Raney would face the tough decision about how to move forward with her relationship I tried to read with as little judgement as possible. I, personally, have strong opinions about cheating and Do This For Me goes through a roller coaster of decisions, emotions, and self-discovery.

However, there's more to this book than just about her marriage, we dive into her being a mother, her job, work environment, feminism, and her relationships with other people in her life. There's so many good parts, twists, angles, whatever you want to call them in this book that keeps the story interesting and not predictable. I'll definitely be reading another Eliza Kennedy's novel when released.

Something that bothers me in books and in the entertainment industry is that to show wealthy and high fashion there always clothes made from animals. While Raney goes through her makeover she buys leather, silk, suede, snake skin, fur, etc. etc. without another thought other than the clothes being fashionable. Obviously, this is a personal opinion about lifestyle and ethics, it's not a complete criticism about the book but it's worth a mention. It was hard to read these parts and I'm a person who enjoys playing around with clothes, fashion, and styling. It's 2018 and we have so many alternative ways to make clothes that look the same as animal skin! 

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