Fat Girl on a Plane - Kelly Devos | ARC Review

Pages: 378
Publication: Harlequin Teen
Release date: June 5, 2018
How I got the copy: HarperCollins Canada
Rating: 5/5

Fat Girl on a Plane is a unique and a refreshing book about following your dreams, fashion and being happy with ourselves. We only get one life (YOLO) and we should enjoy it to the fullest, right?

It's told in Cookie's fat and skinny perspective of her journey through her educational career. I highly enjoyed the fact that Cookie is in College in her skinny perspective, which made the book more enjoyable and relatable to me and in high school in her fat perspective, which tied the story together nicely. At first, I had a hard time reading the story bouncing from high school and college but I ended up really enjoying how the story catches up to Cookie's current day.

Like I've said, there's just something about Fat Girl on a Plane that's really refreshing, it has such a great message behind it and don't get me wrong, at first, I was skeptical about where the storyline was going but it's realistic, makes you think and I felt so good reading it. I felt a sense of optimism while reading it the entire time. There's definitely conflict and there's definitely drama within the book but Cookie's written in a way that made me feel like there were better things coming regardless of the situation she was in.

Cookie's lifelong dream is to become a fashion designer and being the daughter of a supermodel and doctor, we'd think her dreams would be easier to reach but we're wrong. Her mother doesn't think twice about her and her father thinks about her but left for Africa years ago and Cookie hasn't seen him since. Since both Cookie's parents have checked out, she's been living with her Grandmother since the age of 10 with no help, in any way, from her parents, which is crazy! Not even financially.

However, after a few unexpected situations, Cookie starts a blog and it catapults her into an avenue where she can express herself and it soon picks up traction. With an audience, Cookie has found a way to express herself about issues she's dealing with but also spreading awareness.

I loved the surprising amount of wealth and glamour within the pages of this book. In a lot of situations, Cookie stumbles into a number of wealthy people who help her in ways that could change her life quickly. It's sort of a taste of what her entire life could have been if her mother didn't choose her boyfriend over her. I loved this aspect of the book! I love books that are set in New York City, the fashion industry and about a kick-ass female character demanding and fighting her way to where she wants to be. But because Cookie is also struggling to make ends meet and her later "life" of the riches moments the book is still very relatable but she hasn't made it yet... Cookie is only in a moment and she still has to establish herself and with her grandmother always putting her in her place Fat Girl on a Plane is down to earth and inspiring.

Okay, let's talk about Tommy... I enjoyed the way Kelly DeVos wrote Tommy. At first, he's Cookie's strong best friend who she leans on and who she seeks for help but through Cookie's journey, she becomes stronger and confident (regardless of her weight loss). Cookie becomes this strong, I don't need anybody, character from pushing through her family drama, best friend drama and being broke. She perseveres, letting nothing get in her way, which sort of leaves Tommy as much as she doesn't want too.

Fat Girl on a Plane is really all about following your dreams and how messy that can be. It's also very much about that there's no right path to follow and it's all about the lessons learned throughout the way.

*A copy of this book was provided to me by HarperCollins Canada in exchange for an honest review*

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