Monday's Not Coming - Tiffany D. Jackson | ARC Review

Pages: 448
Publication: Katherine Tegen Books
Release date: May 22, 2018
How I got the copy: HarperCollins Canada
Rating: 4/5

This is a tragic and heartbreaking story that focuses on child abuse/neglect, poverty in America and the type of book that will make you angry and question the story (maybe even the author) until you get closer to the end. This story is told in past and present in Claudia's perspective and is written with a subtle suspenseful tone. While I was reading Monday's Not Coming I was frustrated with the fact that no one other than Claudia, Monday's best friend, noticed she was missing and almost no one showed any interested that she was missing.

Claudia, tells her story of when her best friend was missing for a year and no one noticed but her. Claudia digs deeper into her friends disappearance when everyone refuses to give her a straight answer and discovers that no one seems to remember the last time they saw Monday. Set in DC and in a rough part of town, Claudia uncovers and realizes there's more than just her best friend disappearance to uncover.

The disappearance of Monday pushes Claudia to break out of her shell and become her own person and overcomes obstacles she was hiding with Monday. I'd even say their relationship was unhealthy and as close as they were Monday also kept a lot of secrets from Claudia, which makes her question if their friendship was even real.

Claudia is a younger character than I usually read, she's in middle school, her last year of middle school, instead of high school, which I assumed she'd be in. Claudia also seems like a younger middle school grader and at times I become annoyed by how much young she seemed. However, there's a reason to why she seems so much younger and I'm happy I continued reading and discovered why.

Monday's Not Coming is important because it'll bring awareness to young readers to ask questions and be more aware with the people around them. Be aware of abuse and to communicate with their friends and family. Keeping secrets and not asking questions can bring more harm than anything else. I feel this book will bring attention to speaking up and sticking together instead of keeping quiet because it's not your "family business". 

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