Review Policy

2:14 PM

Send your requests (or to just say hello) to!
  1. All my reviews are in my honest opinion. 
  2. You will need to provide me with a copy of the title you want me to review (obviously).
  3. I will review fiction within these genres of YA and Adult Fiction:
    • Contemporary
    • Romance
    • Women Fiction
    • Mental Health
    • Humour
    • Mystery & Suspense
    • Literary
  4. Depending on the title, I will sometimes review dystopian, sci-fi and historical fiction.
  5. I will review Nonfiction within these genres:
    • Memoir & Biography
    • Body, Mind & Soul
    • Self-Help
    • Mental Health
    • Inspiration
    • True Crime
  6. I accept physical books and (sometimes but not often) e-books (ePud, Kindle, PDF) .
If there's anything else you'd like featured on my blog, please pitch me the idea and we'll go from there. I'm always open and looking forward to creative and fun posts! Blog tours, interviews, any bookish reveals, etc.

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